LSQ Mobile App


A Mobile application to learn the Quebec sign language.

This project was created during my user interface and user experience class in college. It was for a real client. We had to conduct user research, personas as well as prototypes. 

Wave Mobile App


My attempt at a User interface for a music streaming app.

I made the wave logo for another fictional project, in which I decided to re-use in a different context. I wanted to create a new modern interface for a mobile application. I loved the end result, and the colour palette.

Ryff Guitar Learning App


An interface for an acoustic guitar learning experience.

Project from a college class, in which we had to give a new look to something we didn’t like. I decided to give a refresh to my favorite guitar learning app which is Tabs.

(Which I highly recommend)

Eklectik Website


An responsive website interface for a music festival.

This was a website originally created in Dreamweaver for a school project, which I decided to recreate in Adobe XD and prototype it. I liked the theme and the universe I created around it.

Z's Mountain Shop


A logo for a mountain shop that specializes in repairing bicycles and skis equipment. 

The client wanted a logo that represents mountain sports and also implement the Z’s. I created the letters Z and S as if they were bike/ski trails
from a mountain, which represents
his market.

(Website coming soon)



A logo for an electronic music DJ named Happie

WAV Trayn


A logo for an electronic music DJ 

The music artist wanted to represent sound waves within his lettering, which represents the style of music he creates.

miboi animation


My own logo animation


FOVÉA Optique

Logo for an optical prescription company. Using the f-stop symbol and an infinite symbol to represent the infinite vision.

Midnight Craft Beer

Packaging project I created for fun with a darker style for a beer.

How Fresh Are You? Logo

A T-Shirt Logo for a client.